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Michael Jackson

What would modern music be without the famous King of Pop? Michael Jackson was a powerhouse in terms of creativity, business practice and philanthropy. He innovated dance moves or improved earlier ones, sold more albums than any other artist in history, and upped MTV's growing popularity in the 1980s. His efforts in music videos like "Billie Jean" and "Beat It" helped to break down social barriers between Americans and transformed the medium into a tool of art, especially when earlier time periods saw music videos as a novelty.

Jackson came from a large family hailing from Indiana. His father's ill treatment of him would push him to keep improving his craft. Jackson and his brothers, the Jackson 5, toured America in the 1960s before joining Motown in 1969. His growing success would result in a solo career in 1972. Jackson would later introduce the famous moonwalk dance and help foster creativity in a new generation of dancers and musicians through his experimental videos for "Thriller" and "Beat It".

Michael Jackson died in his rented Los Angeles mansion, in 2009, from poor handling through his physician. His legacy would live in his multi-million selling albums.


Gender: Male
Born: 1958-08-29
Country: United States
Is Active: No