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Asia is a British progressive rock band. The supergroup formed in 1981 and was composed of members from different progressive rock bands: former King Crimson bassist/vocalist John Wetton, Yes guitarist Steve Howe, Yes and Buggles keyboardist Geoff Downes, and drummer Carl Palmer (one of the men behind Emerson, Lake and Palmer). After the debut of their legendary self-titled album in 1982, Asia remains one of the most popular progressive rock bands in the history of music.

The band's line-up has changed throughout its run, and in 2006 the original line-up reunited. A spin-off group under the name Asia Featuring John Payne exists as a continuation of Payne's career as the band's frontman until the return of Wetton in 2006. Howe retired in 2013 in order to return to Yes and pursue other projects. He was replaced by the young guitarist Sam Coulson, who completes the current line-up.

The band's hits include "Heat of the Moment", "Only Time Will Tell" and "Sole Survivor".


Group: Singers
Country: United Kingdom
Is Active: Yes