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About Syro

Syro (pronounced /saɪroÊŠ/;[2] stylised as SYRO) is the sixth studio album by the British electronic musician Richard D James, released under the nickname Aphex Twin on 19 September 2014 on Warp Records. It was recorded over a period of several years, and in various studios, including James' own studio in his rural Scotland. Syro is composed of 12 tracks, incorporating several subgenres of electronic music, including glitch, jungle, techo and ambient.

Syro is Aphex Twin's first studio album release in 13 years since the lackluster Drukqs (2001). The album is also the first official release with the name Aphex Twin since Chosen Lords (2006), a compilation of tracks from the 3½ hour Analord series.

Released: 2014-09-14
Label: Warp Records


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