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St. Vincent

by St. Vincent

About St. Vincent

<p><em>St. Vincent</em> marks the fourth studio release by art rock musician&nbsp;St. Vincent. It was produced by John Congleton and features a number of musicians including &nbsp;Sharon Jones &amp; The DAP-Kings drummer Homer Steinweiss and Midlake drummer McKenzie Smith. The tracks were arranged and mixed in Austin, Texas, by St. Vincent and recorded by her in Dallas. The album&#39;s lyrics are on a more personal level than previous St. Vincent outings, focusing on themes ranging from commune with nature (&quot;Rattlesnake&quot;), concern for her mother&#39;s brief illness (&quot;I Prefer Your Love&quot;), and hope (&quot;Severed Cross Fingers&quot;). Critics have described <em>St. Vincent</em>&nbsp;as music that can be &quot;played at a funeral&quot;. Compared to the more melancholic, self-absored misery

Released: 2014-02-24
Label: Republic Records, Loma Vista


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