Action Bronson album

Mr. Wonderful

by Action Bronson

About Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful is the third studio album by New York rapper Action Bronson. It was released on March 23, 2015, by Atlantic Records and Vice Records. Having signed up with Atlantic and Vice in 2012, this album marks Bronson's first release for a major label. Several mixtapes preceded Mr. Wonderful, including Blue Chips and Saaab Stories. It was recorded throughout 2014, the product of several high-profile record producers, The Alchemist and Mark Ronson among them. Guest appearances range from Chance the Rapper to Party Supplies. Critics praised Mr. Wonderful upon its release with many expressing fondness for Bronson's lyricism and production approach.

Metacritic score: 76/100

Released: 2015-03-23
Label: Vice Records, Atlantic Records


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