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by Stevie Wonder

About Innervisions

<p><em><strong>Innervisions</strong></em>&nbsp;is the 16th studio album by American musician&nbsp;<a href="">Stevie Wonder</a>, released August 3, 1973, on&nbsp;<a href="">Motown Records</a>. The album is considered a&nbsp;milestone in his career. As a work from his &quot;classic period&quot;. The nine songs featured on the album cover a wide range of social issues, including drugs (&quot;Too High&quot;), deception (&quot;Jesus Children of America&quot;), inequality and state racism (&quot;Living for the City&quot;), and political buffoonery (&quot;He&#39;s Misstra&nbsp;Know It All&quot;).</p> &am

Released: 1973-08-03
Label: Tamla


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