Tupac Shakur album

2Pacalypse Now

by Tupac Shakur

About 2Pacalypse Now

2Pacalypse Now is the debut studio album by American rapper Tupac Shakur, released on November 12, 1991 by Interscope Records. Despite being shakier in production than his later albums, 2Pacalypse Now is Tupac's most aggressive and political effort. In it, he addresses contemporary social issues facing the United States, especially among African-Americans, such as racism, violent cops, poverty, and teenage pregnancy. Some of the themes explored give us a lyrical glimpse into the world of a young black man on the urban streets of the United States in the early 90s. With the racial tension occuring in places like Baltimore and Ferguson, the album seems more relevant now.

The title is a reference to the famous 1979 wa

Released: 1991-11-12
Label: Interscope Records, T.N.T. Recordings


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