Meetup People Through Music!

Meetup with people of similar music taste.

What is Facejar?

Facejar is a social media website that allows users to stream music and connect with each other. The Facejar mission is to deliver hours of music, ranging from every genre imaginable, to people everywhere, everyday.

Facejar also hosts fresh artists who'll use the service as a platform to connect to the music or relevant industries. All it requires is a response from the listeners, you.

The genres Facejar covers include hip-hop, rock, pop, dance, folk and many more. If it exists, we have it. Create playlists, customize radio stations to your liking, and check out the charts each week to see who's on top.


Media sharing network!

Your friends, music related topics and communications you would like to be involved in, fresh albums and albums of unknown and well known singers, videos and many other activities like dating are all in here.

FaceJar is one of the most advanced, young, modern and a unique social media that brings you people with similar music tastes. It is a real-time information and media sharing and exchange network that connects you to the latest musics and fresh musicians. On facejar simply find people & connect with them through a unique music taste. Share information and media such as songs, albums, videos of live shows and more.

FaceJar has various ways of sharing media with people. You can share media by simply writing a topic on your topics board and include pictures and links of your favourite artists. You can also write topics on other people's communication boards as well as on musician boards. FaceJar has assigned a high volume of media sharing limit to each single member.


FaceJar for Musicians!

The facejar music activities connects musicians with followers in real-time. Premium members and musicians can create albums and add musics into their albums. Facejar will inform members and other linked companies and music industries about this newly added musician. An artist will get followers and fans as well as being noticed by the music industries.


Media sharing Privacy!

FaceJar applies variety of security options for each single FaceJar member. Any media added to your account can have different privacy options available. Using these privacy options can configure the visibility of your media around people. As soon you join facejar, you automaticaly get secured and unlimited mail box which you use to send and receive mails. Facejar also has a new feature called JARUP that is only designed to keep your private activities.


Who FaceJar is for?

FaceJar is based in United Kingdom & designed to be used by anyone around the world. The current version of FaceJar comes in English and the translated version onto other languages will be available soon. Once available, members can be able to select their prefered language.


Bringing Communities Together!

We believe that the open exchange of information can have a positive global impact. FaceJar is developed for online information exchange such as sharing contents, brings you stories of people and using facejar makes the world a better place in unexpected ways. FaceJar brings people not only from a specific continent or a country but from everywhere and unite them by finding different approaches to cultural integration using media and information sharing features. Learn more about facejar features where you can then know further about us.


More Info!

Further information about the facejar features and activities will be found under the facejar blog section. You have to login to find out even more details.